Day 182-183: Citrus colors and fave webby finds

So this week I seem to be pulling out the oranges and yellows for some reason. Perhaps I just got tired of whatever else I was wearing. Rotate! Rotate!

A regular boring coral t-shirt with a fairly busy skirt. Boring balances busy I think.

And a regular boring brownish t-shirt with a fairly feminine yellow. I like the mix of feminine with the more casual shirt and Teva walking shoes. However, I do think I could maybe use a belt here? I’m not very on top of accessories.

But this last pic does lead me to my first favorite webby find of the week which is this super cute style blog that I just know so many of you will like. It’s called Putting Me Together and she has GREAT ideas and she’s really good at showing how those details like belts and scarves and cardigans work together to really add so much to your outfits. She did a whole series on how to wear a white t-shirt that I thought was brilliant. If you’ve been hanging around my little website for any length of time you know that I’m not a fashionista at all and I barely like to spend any money on clothes. But I am definitely interested in learning a few style tips so that when I do spend my money I feel like it’s being spent wisely. So she has a fun site and she does wear a lot of skirts and also generally modest clothes (except for the high heels- I just can’t go there!)

Ok, my next three favorite webby finds are food finds. The first of the food finds is this Healthier Yogurt Banana Bread. Not only does it use up some of my homemade yogurt and too-ripe bananas, but it is THE BEST BANANA BREAD RECIPE I HAVE EVER TRIED. Ever. For realies. We ate the whole loaf today. So moist, so delicious. You must put in some chocolate chips.

Then on Wholesome Womanhood, Melinda posted how much she and her husband loved this sloppy joe recipe. I don’t think I’ve ever made sloppy joes for my family so I figured it was something different to try. It was a hit, and I made these lovely rolls to go with them. These rolls are perfect for sandwich-type dinners like BBQ pork, or beef with au jus, or in this case sloppy joes! Not super time-consuming I promise!

Have a wonderful day!

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5 responses to “Day 182-183: Citrus colors and fave webby finds

  1. Dwayne

    Jamie, all three of the pictures on this post are marvelous, though I do have to disagree with your distaste for pumps(but, rest assured, I lack even pretense of “how dare any female not wear pumps” sentiment).

  2. Karen

    Miss your blog.
    Will you be at CicLAvia?

    Thank you for the help in finding the route to Mt. Baldy (old question).
    I hiked it for the FIRST time in my life a month ago.


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