Day 174: Back in the Saddle

I think a good look that almost always works for me is the “tennis skirt” look. It’s casual and comfortable and nice all at the same time.


And thanks so much for the feedback yesterday. I would love this blog to include more people than just myself (aka YOU!) , so I need to get to work figuring out how to do that. Thanks for being a reader here and for the support!

Have a wonderful day!




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Could use your opinion

Hi All,

Quick question. I know this started as a skirts project and I sort of abandoned it. That doesn’t mean I don’t wear skirts and dresses anymore, it just means I’m not taking pictures and posting it etc…

A big part of why I stopped is that I began to feel a tad narcissistic putting my mug and gams on the internet every day. I’d much rather it included many other people! But I don’t feel it is ethical to “sneek” pictures of people that I encounter in public and I don’t want to harass my cute friends for pictures either. (I could just imagine them putting a cute outfit back in the closet thinking “Shoot. If I wear this, she’s gonna go paparazzi on me.” But who knows, maybe they liked me asking to take their picture?) Also, it got to where I didn’t want my kids seeing me snap my picture because I don’t want them to think their dear mother has a strange self-adoration complex. I eventually learned how to hide it.

But I do know that many people were encouraged by seeing examples of feminine dress from a non-fashionista. Just regular stuff that anyone could throw together.

So my question is, do any of you miss the skirts? Or are you A-ok without them?

Thanks 🙂


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On my nightstand: Born to Run

Well I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and am reading the running book that everyone else is reading. How do I know that everyone else is reading Born to Run? Well, it’s the chia seeds! They sell them at Trader Joes now and I had never heard of their nutritional wonderfulness until I read this book. Lo and behold, Trader Joes execs must have had a meeting about their demographic and what they’re doing/reading because suddenly packages of chia seeds are placed right by the entrance for $4.99.

More than about chia seeds, Born to Run is the book that got the nation talking about barefoot running and has launched a whole new discussion of proper alignment and foot/body health. It’s super interesting. One of my favorite blogs to read about healthy human biomechanics is KatySays if you’re interested in such things.

The most interesting part of this book though, is learning about these amazing athletes that I had never heard of before. The Raramuri, a tribe in remote Mexico who easily run 150 miles in thin sandals. Ann Trason, an incredible American athlete whose abilities are compared to Lance Armstrong x 4. Scott Jurek who ran 250 miles across Death Valley and beat the previous record by two hours on his first time out there (who does that?!)

Above all it’s a book about the joy of running and living.

Now, the one thing that’s difficult about reading this book is translating the joy of running that author McDougall describes into my own running sessions. So if I don’t feel joy am I not doing it right? Unfortunately I don’t really enjoy running even though I guess it would be nice if I did. I like the sense of accomplishment I get from running, but it definitely does not feel like fun. Who knows, perhaps if I had some little slipper running sandals it would transform me into a light and lithe jogging enthusiast. 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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Reassuring Beauty

One day, I was at our local library and was watching one of the librarians do her weekly preschool storytime. This woman is not a classic beauty. In fact she’s the type of woman that is probably pretty much ignored. But as I was sitting there that day I realized how much I did, in fact, like how she looked. I realized that if I were to not see women like her anymore I would be so sad or if she suddenly were possessed by the “I should look hot and sexy at 50!” fever, I would not nearly feel so comfortable in her presence. So what was it? I just found her pleasant and reassuring.

Reassuring. Her beauty reassures me. The way she dresses. The way she just IS. It isn’t about a never-ending quest to evoke lust. Or a never-ending quest to avoid ones’ individuality or the passage of time.

I began to take notice of other women who reassured me. Women of all ages and types who just look nice. Decent. Pleasant. Clean. And I saw so so many. Women doing their jobs, or being with their kids. Or studying their school books. Do these women EVER get appreciated for how nice they look? For how they make others feel? Do they appreciate themselves? I know that when I think of myself this way, I definitely appreciate myself more.

Evaluated on this scale, suddenly the vast majority of women and girls (men and boys too!) are enough. Because reassuring beauty is something everyone can attain. It makes no requirements of age or ethnicity or body type or even style.  It simply says “Are others comfortable being around you?” If the answer is yes, then really isn’t that plenty? Frankly it really evens the playing field and creates a much less competitive culture.

The Lord gave Adam and Eve everything they ever could have needed or wanted and the serpent convinced Eve that it wasn’t enough. Isn’t that what’s happening now? Only the Devil could convince legions of perfectly lovely women and girls that they aren’t enough. This is why I believe it is so important to turn away from influences that preach otherwise. These messages aren’t positive and they aren’t of the Lord.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you appreciate yourself and how reassuring you are to others by embracing yourself just as you are.

[Edit: Thank you This is a Woman for including my previous post in your weekly awesome list. It was fun to have many new visitors!]

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At least once every four years I know I’ll see natural women on tv

Well, the Olympics is now over and the parade of cool sports that I actually enjoy watching has quickly departed. For me, the Olympics isn’t just about sport, it’s about the human body and appreciating all that it can do and be. And one thing that I genuinely appreciate is seeing that beautiful body in all of its different shapes and sizes, so perfectly attuned to the activity in which it’s been engaged for so many years.

Because if there is one thing that really bugs me, it’s the constant marketing of the “health look”. What is the “health look”? Well, my nickname for it is Processed American Cheese. It’s the same super-tanned, super-abs lady with fake boobs that graces all of the packaging for fitness products. The problem is that this is not natural and it isn’t true health. And so many women are trying to be this person they constantly see. And I don’t appreciate the lie.

What I appreciate is the truth. And the Olympics delivers the truth.

And the truth is that most athletic women have smallish boobs!  And some are short and others are tall and some are willowy and others are thick. And the truth is that the older respected female coaches have normal unaltered faces!  Hooray for the truth being paraded all over tv for two whole weeks.

And now it’s over.

But for a short time, there was an oasis on tv. Where ability mattered most. Where effort and heart and wisdom were the most important attributes for women.

And I’m pretty irritated that I have to wait so long to see it again!




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Wow…4.27 miles!

I just got home from a run today that I honestly thought was going to be a walk. I had decided to walk my 2 mile loop but began to feel more energy so I took a different turn to get onto my 3 mile loop. Once at the 1 mile marker I was feeling even more energetic and decided to run. At an intersection where I typically turn right, I just decided to go for it and headed straight, leading me on a route that is a full one mile longer than I’ve ever gone. And I did it! I ran 4 miles! (Well…probably not fully 4 miles since I did start the whole thing walking. But the honest round trip was 4. 27 altogether.)

I’m feeling so proud of myself. I honestly thought I’d never be this fit again in my life and I really have my husband to thank for inspiring me.

He started riding his bike five years ago, and through little changes that added up to big changes, he lost 30 lbs and is in fantastic shape. When he first started it was a big adjustment and I would sometimes get jealous of all the time he spent riding (“Why do I have to watch the kids AGAIN while he gets to ride?) But then I began to understand how important it was for his well-being and I learned to be supportive. When I stopped being jealous and instead focused on his accomplishments, he really started to impress me. He didn’t lose weight and become a faster athlete by some miracle. He works really really hard at it. He’s so dedicated. For several years he would go for a run after the kids were in bed. Now he’s up at 5 am to ride on his rollers in the garage. Fitness is something he’s really had to make happen.

As for me, I truly didn’t think I’d ever be fit again. I had come to a point in my life where I was ok with being average and thought that I’d probably just get a tad squishier with age and it was all good! But then watching my pleasantly squishy man become distressingly lean (distressing to me, not to him) I felt like “Darnit! You messed up the plan! We were supposed to just be squishy together!” It bugged me that he was looking cuter than me. I’m the wife. I’m supposed to be the cute one. But as I watched Jason change his life and habits, I began to understand that it isn’t about cuteness, it’s about ability. Jason likes that he’s lost weight, but what he really likes is that he’s much faster now on the bike. He likes that he can leave the house at 6 am and ride 70 miles and be home by noon. Now I’m so proud of him for what he’s done. And he has really shown me through the years that it takes daily effort to make these changes. Like the saying goes, “What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in awhile.”

And now because of my own daily changes, I can run!

Thank you wonderful hubby for your inspiration.



Have a wonderful day!

My contentment for the week, linked to Like Mother, Like Daughter


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Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


My nails after three weeks of no cutting.


I got to see my wonderful cousin (there on the left) fiddle at an Irish Pub before he goes back to school in Boston. I remember his very first recital when he was 4 years old and squeaking out Mary Had a Little Lamb. Now he’s a pro and it fills me with joy to see him all grown up and doing well. (Now don’t y’all think he and Bridget would look cute together with their fiddling selves? They’re only about five years apart in age (I think) but he’s Jewish so it probably wouldn’t work! But still, the cuteness!)


I don’t take funny pictures! I have nothing funny to share. In fact I’ve been rather blue of late.


Perhaps this is why. My Mt. Washmore!

A good phone conversation always gets me through laundry. So I was able to get this done pretty quickly.

Have a wonderful day!

Like Mother, Like Daughter


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