Skirts from 2011

Day 131- Happy New Year’s Eve!

Day 130- St. Jerome

Day 129- Hitting the right note

Day 128- It’s OK to be a little bit dressy

Day 127- 12 Days of Christmas

Day 126- Long Cardigan 1-2-3

Day 125- Merry Christmas Eve!

Day 124- Graham Cracker Houses

Day 123- Tell her she’s pretty…today

Day 122- Ugly sweater party

Day 121- black and blue (winter style)

Day 120- Personal Growth

Day 119- Foodie Stuff!

Day 118- More rain!

Day 117- Advent wreath

Day 116- At the gym

Day 115- Chinese chicken salad

Day 114- It’s Tuesday y’all

Day 113- Aaaand…the theme continues. Sort of.

Day 112- Workin’ a theme

Day 111- Relative experiences

Day 110- A leetle too short

Day 109- A pic from last week

Day 108- An obscene amount of produce

Day 107- Clinging to Fall

Day 106- I’m a sucker for a fad

Day 105- Black Friday and my Easy Mac n’ Cheese

Day 104- Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 103- Mama’s feeling better!

Day 102- A post worth 3 days of posts!

Days 100 and 101- Oh no I di’n’t

Day 99- I still wear pants you know

Day 98- A dress is just a long shirt

Day 97- Only one extra step

Day 96- How to begin building your wardrobe

Day 95- Off to a baby shower (my best outfit so far!)

Day 94- A rainy day outfit

Day 93- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real (Halloween Edition)

Day 92- Long tunic with leggings

Day 91- Fascinating Womanhood

Day 90- Halloween Party Time!

Day 89- 8:30am/8:30pm

Day 88- Good news! Update on Qubo

Days 84-87- Circle of Life

Day 83- A look at some others!

Day 82- Call to Action! Please consider writing to these companies

Day 81- Just another day

Day 80- Can you believe it!?



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