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Day 134- Epiphany!

How lovely to celebrate Epiphany since we’ve never done so before. Nor did either of us even know about Epiphany. But it was fun to “finish” Christmas in a special way. (If you don’t happen to know about this, since I didn’t, and I don’t want to assume that everyone reading does know, Epiphany is the 12th day of Christmas or when the wise men presented Jesus with the three gifts. In some countries, this is a bigger feast day than the Nativity.)

One last time lighting our candles. (Francesca really wanted that Angel candle lit too.)

I did decide to save one last present for the kids to open on this day.

Then we put them in the van for a surprise night-time run to The Donut Man. You see, if you go at night when they are making the donuts for the next day you can get the super fresh ones.

Watching the donuts being made.

It was a fun treat and a fun simple night, just us.

Have a wonderful day!



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Day 130- St. Jerome

Just for fun I decided to pick a patron saint from the link (Saint’s Name Generator) Jennifer Fulwiler posted on her blog yesterday. I’ve never had a patron saint, nor do I know much about the saints in general or what it means to “have” one, but whatever! So the random name generator picked St. Jerome for me. St. Jerome is the “Doctor of the Church” which from what I’ve read means he was a super scholar. Kind of like a Super Hero of Studying, Writing, and All Scholarly Pursuits. He translated the Old and New Testaments into Latin and it was recognized 11 centuries later as the official version of the Bible. He tends to be a patron saint for translators, scholars, and school children. And I think he would be a great patron saint for homeschooling families since he was homeschooled himself until he left for Rome which I imagine was in his young adult life. (Even though I’m not homeschooling, the topic follows me wherever I go!)

Life was just same ol’ same ol’ around here. Today’s skirt is an example of exactly how I’d wear jeans but I’ve replaced it with a jean skirt instead. The skirt makes it a little dressier and a little more conservative, but as I mentioned I’m ok with that.

Have a wonderful day!

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Day 127- 12 Days of Christmas


For the first time, we’re observing the 12 days of Christmas

with the Christ candle and one lit for Mary too.

I always thought the 12 days were part of Advent!! Wrong! Being that I wasn’t raised in the church, many things never made sense to me. What is the Eucharist? What is Pentecost? What is Epiphany? Maundy Thursday???

Well now I know. So hopefully these small rituals will help guide my children into knowing the church calendar and major events. With all the gift-giving these kids have experienced in the last week, I’m deciding if they should open one last small gift on the 6th. Hmmm?


My favorite gift! Oh boy! Ever since I had that moment of brilliance to put together puzzles on a foam board (because you can pick it up and move it out of the way when you need to use the table!), it’s become my favorite way to kill time.


My other favorite gift! The most unattractive pajamas of all time. I feel super-silly in these, like a big ol’ rabbit. But they ARE really warm and cozy!


Need to do any last minute gift-giving? Like for a family member who comes into town that you didn’t know you’d be seeing??? Make this Winter Granola. It’s really tasty and people appreciate having a healthier snack after all the holiday cookies. A great way to re-purpose spaghetti and pickle jars!

Have a wonderful day! (I can’t believe it’s warm enough in late December to be sleeveless with flip-flops. But I’ll take it!)

Like Mother, Like Daughter


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