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Days 178-181: A computer crash catch up!

My computer crashed two weeks ago, and my camera does not load into this laptop. So in the meantime, I’m using a different camera and different laptop, and I’ve got some catch up to do!

First things first, it’s hat weather y’all. I like to walk the kids to school, but it’s been up to 104* and my measly baseball hat just isn’t cutting it. So I picked up one of these beauties and it’s my new favorite thing. (The plant in the back is dead because I don’t believe in watering! So I’m letting all the plants die that can’t make it here in these hot summers. It’s survival of the fittest.)

Adam took this one. Here we are setting off.

Here’s my Sunday outfit featuring a new pretty yellow skirt I got at Rite-Aid of all places. Do you know they have some cute shoes at Rite-Aid too? Strange. I should go and take pictures so you can see what I mean.

I probably wore this skirt three times last week. Whoops lazy. Doesn’t everyone wear the same pair of jeans over and over or is it just me?? Anyways, I missed out on taking the other pics of this skirt with different tops. I do avoid having the same people see me in the same skirt. I sort of know where I’m going and who I’m seeing so I know they won’t be on to my lazy tricks.

This was my dress for Saturday. This is a great piece because it layers really well with cardigans and leggings as the weather cools down. For now, it works great in the super-heat. I also avoid running the air-conditioning if at all possible. So I wear stuff that is comfortable and we run lots of fans. (You can see that the plants in front of our home are nice and lush. The association believes in watering. This is probably good because who’d want us for neighbors otherwise? We’d be those darn un-watering neighbors!)

Aaaand I also got an exer-skirt! Reader Dwayne has mentioned them several times and I recently came across one. The most comfortable thing to wear ever. A tad short I’ll be honest. Because it has the exercise shorts built in underneath it feels modest, but realistically it probably doesn’t look modest because no one knows those shorts are there. I’ll take a pic next time I throw them on.

Sorry for the delay in pics! I hope you all had a wonderful week!



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Day 173- Memory Days

Today was a special day. It was the last day that A and N (sorry, I’m feeling the need to be a bit more incognito with their names) shared a preschool day together.

I hate transitions! UGH! Maybe I just hate feeling all emotional about endings and beginnings. I’m a worrier so transitions sort of bring that out in me even more. Nevertheless, I had to capture this day and all the sweet memories of this wonderful school year of them sharing preschool. Singing songs about the days of the week, months of the year, playing with fake food and funky over-used baby dolls that are shoved into the front of their shopping carts, riding super-heavy steel tricycles with squeaky wheels, making crafts with glue bottles that are always stuck, and SHARE TIME! Oh their favorite part of the whole day, where the teacher pulls one of their toys from home from a box and the child jumps up, claims his toy, and tells the kids what he brought. This is so exciting for the kids (all of the preschool kids just get so jazzed with this) and they always get that sweet smile. The day ends with a song of “skidamarink a dink a dink” and a sticker.

Good stuff. Good memory days.

Also in my mental memory book, are all these days of seeing the kids run home after picking up Sister from school.

Have a wonderful day!

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Day 172- Reusing pickle juice and half-eaten bananas

This is one of those posts where you’ll either think this is SO GREAT or you’ll think this is SO GROSS! Don’t worry, I’ll like you either way.

Ok, the first comes via Amy Dacyczyn’s The Complete Tightwad Gazette. This is a super fun book with so many frugal ideas. It’s a real delight.

So, one of her tips is how to reuse pickle juice. (This is so incredibly easy I cannot believe I had never heard of this before.)

Finished with your pickles? Don’t dump the juice!

Buy some small cucumbers, cut them up and put them in!

Cover and put back into the fridge for four days and you’ve got yourself some new pickles for a fraction of the price! (Note: this is my first time trying this, so I’m not sure if four days will really be enough time for the brine to work. But it’ll be fun to see.)

Ok, the next one I’m guessing that many folks already do. Perhaps they don’t admit to it? I’m not sure. At any rate, if your kids are anything like mine, especially if they happen to be about…oh, 2 1/2, then you may find half-eaten bananas are a part of your life. I know the simple solution would be to cut the banana in half, but many times the little booger (er, child) insists on a whole one and I’m too spineless to keep up with insisting she have a half. So I quite often end up with this:

Not wanting to be wasteful, I cut off the bit ends,

slice them up and put into a baggie for the freezer.

Many people do this one right?

Those frozen bananas, plus some ice, milk, vanilla extract, and spoonful of cocoa powder make a delicious chocolate breakfast shake.

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 163- The Earth box is winning- no contest

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I posted about my gardening woes and how I’m trying an Earth Box for the first time? Well, hardly any time has passed, and I intended to post the plants’ progress in mid-summer, but really…there is no contest.

Plants in the ground, and…

plants in the Earth Box.

The ones in the Earth Box look like I’m giving them steroids or something. It is truly amazing to me to go outside each day and it’s like I can physically SEE them growing. The leaves are huge. The stems are huge and flowers are abundant.

Now my father warned me not to get too happy too fast. He said that sometimes the plants have trouble setting fruit. He says they’ll get to a certain size and still be green and just fall off. Like maybe it’s possible for the plant to grow TOO fast. I’ll update as to how the veggies actually grow/taste when the time comes.

As for my other sorry plants, the lack of adequate sun exposure is obvious. They appear to be dormant and I’ve seen very little growth since they were planted over a month ago. Of course I don’t know how much of the Earth Box’s glory is due to the Earth Box itself or due to the better sun location. I suspect it is both because what makes the Earth Box special is the way the roots are able to pull constant moisture from the soil due to the design of the box and the special watering tube.

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 160- Been missing my weekday skirts

I haven’t worn as many weekday skirts lately. I revert back to my old ways when it’s cold (or when people in this house are sick.) Jeans. Tennies. Sweatshirt. It’s just my nature I guess. I’m ok with this of course, but it was nice to get back to a regular weekday skirt too.

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 155- The faux frenchbraid and some haircuttery things

I love hair. I really do! This week we came up with this “faux frenchbraid” style that is very easy and quite cute.

Part the top of the hair and braid just a short ways and rubberband it.

Part the section underneath and separate into two sections. Use the braided piece as your third piece. The two sections will cover up the rubberband of the braided piece as you do a second braid. [Repeat]

Let me know if it makes sense! I can take more detailed pictures next time of the process if anyone is interested.

Today was a haircut day for Adam and Natalie. I believe the key to a good child’s haircut is a Dum Dum lollypop for the little customer. This ensures a willing attitude and good listening ears for directions such as “put your head down” or “look right” or “close your eyes”.

A plastic grocery bag cut down the middle and slits cut for the arms works to keep clothes mostly clean. It’s also quite fun to “whap whap” them with a hand towel afterward to get the hair off the neck and face.

I’ve always cut the kids’ hair myself because it is easy, fun and saves lots of money and time. There are few things that offer so many direct benefits! It also helps that I’m not a perfectionist and it helps that my kids have fairly “easy” hair. About two years ago I started cutting my own hair as well, pretty much for the same exact reason that I cut the kids’ hair. I estimate that this little hobby has saved at least $1, 560 for just the kid haircuts! It’s definitely worth it to pick up a pair of clippers and some basic scissors and a fine tooth comb. If you aren’t sure how to cut hair, take your child in to the salon and watch closely how they do it then practice at home. It’s ok for a little one to suffer from an uneven or “off” haircut once in awhile while you learn.

[As far as hair sites, I am having fun seeing the amazing styles that Tav comes up with on Goldilocks ‘n Me]

Finally feeling better again after I also caught the dreaded family virus! We’re almost done with this thing! yay!

Have a wonderful day!

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Day 147- 4 o’clock shuffle

Hello hello!

It’s 4 o’clock. Time to do the shuffle. I’ve got some music on! My house gets messy every single day just like yours. 

Taking my place at the front door to do the entry way. It helps to always know where you’re going to start so that you don’t wander around in circles. 

Next it’s into the bathroom. It helps to know exactly where you’re going to go next so that you don’t wander around in circles. Keep paper towels and Windex nearby for the bathroom. Put a cabinet up like the one we’ve got on the left if you have too much counter clutter.

Next it’s into the kitchen to clear the counters. Move counter-clockwise. Dishes in the sink. Food away. Wipe stuff down. It helps to know exactly where you’re going next and how you’re going to move through the room so that you don’t wander in circles. 

Now I’m in the dining room. Clearing dishes. Crayons away. Stuff up off the floor and doing a sweep. Every day it’s the same shuffle. 

Now’s a good time to tell Adam to clean up the Lincoln Logs. “Whine! Whine! Whine!!”  And now I administer a Typical Mommy Speech that is probably the same Mommy Speech told in every household across the globe.

Still they’ve heard the Mommy Speech and even more helpful Baritone Daddy Speech enough times that they do clean up. Albeit still with whining. I help too. Then I vacuum.

It’s 5 o’clock and the house has been shuffled.

The dishes still need to be done.

The kids are eating oatmeal with bananas for dinner. It’s nutritious! It’s fast! (Francesca is also having some leftovers from last night.)

Everything is put away and purty…

By 5:30…

This is how the living room looks all over again. But believe it or not, this is easy stuff. It’s just mostly blankets and a few toys that will go back under the stairs. I’ll make the kids put it away before jammies.

I’m writing this post today, which is so similar to the one I wrote 5 days ago, to illustrate a lesson that was hard for me to learn: I have to clean this darn house every single day! Every day. Not once a week. Or once every three days. See how messy it gets and then re-gets in one day? If I don’t tend to the house every. single. day. it becomes overwhelming so quickly. Housecleaning becomes truly miserable if too many days (uh two) get strung together without it being tended to. And this doesn’t even look at the upstairs or laundry or decluttering stuff. (For someone, like me!, who wasn’t taught this stuff, it took a loooong time to learn this lesson. )

For me, having a specific time of day where I always touch base with the house, 4 o’clock, means that at least one time things will get put away. Even if they get taken out again. (Note: If a space is too hard to clean then it probably means that it needs decluttering.)

Have a wonderful day!



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